Home Based Care Services

We offer a wide range of home healthcare services that enable our patients to live in their homes, enjoy greater independence, and receive adequate support and quality care to enhance their comfort and dignity every day. We also provide personalized care to hospitalized patients. We have various care plans that can be provided by either professionally trained caregivers and or licensed nurses;


  • Care provider
  • Certificate Level Trained
  • Caregiver / Health Care Assistant / Patient Attendant


  • Care provider
  • Diploma/Degree Trained Nurse
  • Licensed by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK)


  • Care Provider
  • Advanced/Special Care Specialist Nurse
  • Critical care/ICU nurses
  • Licensed by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK)

These service plans are prepared and customized and staff attached to patients depending on each individual patient care requirements. Types of care include;

  • Daytime care (Morning to Evening)
  • Night care (Evening to Morning)
  • 24 – hour care (Both Day and Night Shifts)
  • Live in plan (Caregiver or nurse residing at the patient’s home)
  • Hourly care and Planned visits

Before the care starts, we visit your home/hospital and the patient for an initial assessment, and then together with you prepare a service plan that’s suitable for the patient. This also helps us to select, match and attach the most appropriate staff to meet the patient’s needs and as per your preference. Our service rates are based on the unique care requirements of each patient. The service plan is inclusive of free nurse assessments and supervisory visits, depending on the agreed care plan.
Finally, we also sell, rent and or supply personal and medical care items, devices and equipment that would facilitate or ease care at home. Additional services include physiotherapy, nutrition consultation and diet planning and professional counselling if need be.

Homecare Benefits

Home health care helps people remain safely at home and live as independently as possible at home during recovery from a surgery, injury or illness, managing a serious or chronic disease, dealing with a disability and or age-related challenges. Based on your doctor’s guidance and your clinical needs, our team comes to your home to provide health care services through skilled and licensed nursing, trained patient attendants/caregivers, and physical or occupational or other therapies.