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 6 Question To Ask When Choosing For Home Care Service Provider

6 Question To Ask When Choosing For Home Care Service Provider

As our loved ones get old or in cases of sudden or terminal illnesses, there comes a time when they need assistance to perform basic tasks like bathing, dressing, toileting, taking medication, walking support, companionship etc.

While several home care agencies have been established to cater to this need it can be daunting to find a reliable home care service provider. It’s not just about hiring a professional caregiver or nurse but finding a provider you can trust to enter your living space and take good care of your loved one.

Home care professionals at GoCare understand this need all too well and highlight essential questions you should ask when enlisting the help of a home care service provider:

How Does the Company/Agency Train Its Caregivers or recruit nurses?

Caregivers should be adequately trained in the different areas of care the patients’ need. Enlisting a qualified professional reduces stress and worry among loved ones who may be sharing the responsibilities of taking care of the patient.

Nurses providing care should be licensed. GoCare assigns professionals who are competent in a range of services thanks to its four-month comprehensive course that offers knowledge and skills required to provide effective care to the patient.

The course provides a broad range of practical and theoretical lessons that will help aspiring caregivers succeed in any assignment.

Can I Interview Several Caregivers/Nurses Before Hiring One?

Home care agencies work with different caregivers or nurses who might have varied skills, levels of knowledge and experience. However, most home care providers are inclined to match their clients with available caregivers/nurses instead of the most qualified/appropriate for the task.

It explains the need to inquire if the agency allows clients to interview the caregivers/nurse from the onset and select their most preferable. Patients dealing with chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, dementia/Alzheimer etc. need caregivers well-versed in these areas to offer the necessary care.

Don’t shy away from asking the provider to assign the most qualified caregiver/nurse. He/she should be ready to provide a resume that shows his credentials and experiences in dealing with patients with certain conditions. GoCare is conscious of its patients’ needs and assigns qualified caregivers according to the family’s requests, preferences and needs.

What is your Response Time in case of an Emergency?

In the case of a medical emergency, the patient should be taken to the nearest health facility. However, where the assigned caregiver/nurse is late (without prior notice), schedules a change or does not show up, it is important to ask the home care service provider what his response time will be.

This is critical if the patient can’t be left alone as it impacts his/her health and his ability to function. GoCare takes into consideration all such factors and responds promptly by assigning a substitute caregiver/nurse.

What Much Does the Home Care Service Provider Charge for Its Services?

Home-based care agencies charge different rates based on the client’s needs, the care provider and the amount of time the patient needs the care.

A client should not shy away from inquiring if the rates are negotiable and what happens if agreements change or end. It is important to find out if the agency payments are covered by health insurance in whole or in part or none.

You also need to verify how the home care agency pays its caregiver i.e does it expect the client to pay them directly or once the client pays to the company, it is the company’s responsibility to pay the caregiver/nurse.

Can the Home Care Service Agency Provide the Agency’s References?

References come in handy when you want to determine how past/current clients were/are treated and how the caregivers or nurses interact with families, their abilities, character and skills.

Reliable agencies should have sufficient contacts willing to vouch for their ability to take care of their patients.

What Other Services Can The Company/Agency Provide?

Caring for patients at home can be complex and demanding. With various daily responsibilities, some clients/families prefer a one-stop organization where they can source both services and items that facilitate their loved one’s care.

It is important to ask a potential company what it can provide and what it cannot. GoCare is a one-stop shop for home care requirements. From care services to therapy services to supply of personal care items, devices and equipment, GoCare confidently stands tall in meeting the needs of patient care at the comfort of their homes cost-effectively.

It doesn’t hurt to be picky when it comes to taking care of loved ones.

These questions should help you choose an agency that can provide reliable home-based care services without causing unnecessary stress or charging exorbitant rates.

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